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About Us


Our mission at Front Gate Tickets is to demonstrate that not ALL ticket companies think and act alike! Our goal is to two-fold:

1. Lower the cost of purchasing a ticket by building a more efficient and effective ticketing system that leverages the latest advances in hardware and software technology.
2. Improve the relationship between the ticket company and its customers: both the consumers that come to the shows and the venues/promoters/artists that create the experience.

Company Philosophy

In the current economy it is increasingly difficult to make ends meet for everyone. We hope that with Front Gate Tickets we can help keep the flow of money in direct alignment with the bigger picture of keeping the venues open, enabling the artists to stay on the road, and keep folks coming to shows!

We believe that while there are additional expenses and reasonable profitability associated with providing the ticketing service, it should not be the most profitable part of the concert industry. Especially considering the artist and venue/promoter assume the majority of the risk associated with offering a show.

Our philosophy is simple: the selling and distributing of tickets should be an extension of the artist and venue/promoter provided services. For example, if the artist sells the ticket through their website then they should retain part of the service fee. The outlet that provides the storefront for purchasing tickets should also retain part of the service fee, as should the organization working the box office. We believe that anyone that is part of the process of distribution, marketing, or selling tickets should get paid for their contribution.

As you can imagine, that is a lot to coordinate. The Front Gate Tickets system is simply a central resource for inventory control, purchasing, and reporting whether you
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